Bergführer Tirol

Bernd Werner - certified
UIAGM Mountain  & Ski guide
A- 6105 Leutasch / Tirol

Phone: 0043 (0)5214 20170
Mobile:+43 (0) 664 7332 6060

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That's what my customers say about me

I got to know Bubu in the summer of 2008. "Training in snow and ice" was a great week on the Braunschweiger hut where we learned a lot and also fun didn't fall short. With Bubu I had an interesting time during the day and in the evening I often was sad that I had to go to sleep. That was the beginning of great things that my friends and me did together with Bubu. Especially in the winter we were active with Bubu: Ski tours in Bivio and as a highlight we were involved in the first Norway ski tour week in April 2011. A further highlight: Powdering in Andermatt – a dream :-) and also exploring the Arlberg region with Bubu off the regular slopes! Bubu distinguishes himself through extreme professionalism when planning tours and the implementation of the tour. The focus is on security which makes the tours with Bubu a pleasure for every participant. At the same time fun doesn't fall short either and to mention it: Bubu can also laugh about himself, for example when a regular sized tree is in his way or when he involuntarily rolls over in deep snow. In summary: Everything I experienced together with Bubu was totally worth it and we always has a great time.

Florian J.
For many years we skied for three weeks at the Arlberg with Bernd, our mountain guide. When the conditions allow we are out and about only off the regular slopes. Usually we start with a longer ascend with skins afterwards we often get to sensational deep snow hills. Bernd has a good nose for hills which are still untouched. He manages to find wonderful deep snow descents even in not so great snow conditions. He knows the Arlberg perfectly – we trust him 100% as a mountain guide.
Not only in the nature but also in the hut we have a lot of fun with him. We couldn't imagine a ski vacation without him and so do our kids (13, 15, 17 and 19 years), who also love to be out and about with Bernd – he even manages to motivate our 13-year old daughter to go on tours.

Fam. Rainer and Anette ST.
Bergführer Tirol
Bernd Werner - staatlich geprüfter
UIAGM Berg  & Skiführer
Ahrn 203
A- 6105 Leutasch / Tirol

Mobil:+43 (0) 664 7332 6060